No news lately, but I finally did load the rest of my Europe pics on the computer, so here they are! You can click them to make them bigger.

On the east side of the Eiffel tower

The Pantheon

Sunset view of the Trocadero from the lower level of the Eiffel tower

View from the Eiffel tower. The bright lights are from a tourist boat on the Seine.

Champ de Mars from the lower level of the Eiffel tower

Trocadero and Paris skyscrapers from the top of the Eiffel tower

Moulin Rouge windmill in Montmartre

Beneath the Eiffel tower

Typical view of the Eiffel tower

Pond in front of the Luxembourg palace

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

French flag and Eiffel tower from in front of the Pantheon

Really nice flowers in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Fountains in the Latin Quarter

Place du Terte in the shadow of the Sacre Coeur cathedral

Main square of Brussels, Belgium

Maastricht, Holland (or The Netherlands if you want to be official)

Cathedral (yep, that bell tower's pink) in Maastricht, Holland

A cheesy sign welcoming you to Germany

Ruins of a Castle in Esch-sur-Sure, Luxembourg

Luxembourg Countryside

Picnic table with Bourscheid Castle in the distance (Luxembourg)

View from Bourscheid Castle (Luxembourg)

Bourscheid castle with spooky mist

More ruins at Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle ruins...the trash can kinda kills the "ancient" feeling, but oh well

Old bridge at Luxembourg City

Beautiful Vianden Castle (Luxembourg)

The medieval town of Vianden, with the castle on the hill

"Go ahead, touch the crown. Touch it. I dare you."

The Louvre, Paris

So now that I'm back in Dallas, life is back to its usual sucky state. I haven't been able to run for over a month because of constant (worsening) knee pain. I have no 5k plans. I've been trying to ride my bike more, but I still feel like I'm not accomplishing much in terms of getting more fit.

Also, our contract (and very probably our jobs) are over at the end of this month, which has left pretty much everyone at the office in a major funk. I have a bunch of mind-numbingly-boring school work to finish this year (am hoping for a Master's at the end of the fall semester). And the Mavs are probably out of the playoffs due to a 1-point loss that the NBA admitted was an officiating mistake.

So basically, I'm a cranky-pants.

But looking at the pictures I took in Paris cheers me up, so I decided that instead of whining any more, I'd post a few of my favorites for you guys to enjoy :)

Gargoyles and Views from Notre Dame Bell Towers

This fellow has an awesome view of the Eiffel tower

View of the Seine from Notre Dame bell tower

This guy looks sad :(

A creepy eagle-monster-thing in a cloak

Breathtaking view from the top of Notre Dame

A gargoyle with an excellent view of Sacre Coeur

Parc de Buttes Chaumont, Paris
(stop snickering at the word "buttes")

This is a beautiful, hilly park that's kind of off the tourist path. The park had gorgeous flowers everywhere, some fake waterfalls, and a big cliff that you can get to by a bridge. Once you're at the top of the cliff, you come to a Roman temple structure that has amazing views of Paris.

Flowers in the Park

People enjoying the flowers on one of the park's hills

Grotto with fake waterfall

Another fake waterfall

Lake with cliff and Roman temple thing

View of Sacre Coeur from the Roman temple thing

Along the Seine

View of Notre Dame bell towers from the Seine

Eiffel tower at sunset

The three towers of the chateau along the Seine

Pretty flowering trees were everywhere!

Yeah, if I were a poor peasant who had to till some field my whole life while Marie Antoinette and Louis Whatever and their entourage idled their time away in this gynormous palace and their beautiful gardens, I'd probably want to behead some folks too.

View of Versailles from the Gardens

The formal gardens were like a maze

Versailles and formal gardens

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors again (but with a girl messing up my photo)

Beautiful trees in the gardens

More of the formal gardens


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